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Holidays and leave of absence Questions and answers about your holidays and leave of absence How can I submit a holiday request?

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Consult your holiday data at least two weeks in advance with the manager and the account manager. On the Thursday before you come back to the Netherlands, cum faci bani în nl have to confirm and indicate when you arrive.

You can do this by calling the number between and When will I receive my holiday allowance and holiday hours?

Holiday allowance is always paid directly with the weekly salary. You take Holiday hours when you want to take a day off. This set aside ensures that you get paid for that day. When you stop working at NL Jobs, your remaining set asides will be paid 6 weeks after your last salary payment.

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Can I apply for a holiday during illness? Yes that is allowed! If this is not the case, your application will be confirmed.

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If the company doctor indicates that your holiday may be a hindrance to your recovery or reintegration, your holiday request will be rejected. If you do not agree and you still leave out of the advice, this can have consequences for your temporary employment contract.

Illness How should I report my illness?

If you are ill, you must report this by telephone via the emergency telephone one hour before the start of your work. You have only been reported sick when you have spoken to someone and this person has actually reported you sick.

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Are you unable to report your illness yourself? May this be done by someone else.

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When you report sick, you make sure that you have your temporary worker number at hand so this won't cause any delay. You know in advance which cum faci bani în nl you can still carry out, or the complaints have to do with the work and for how long you think you are absent.

You will also be asked whether the employer can do anything to help opțiuni binare aquila. After this information is given you will be asked for the address where you are staying during the current situation and at which telephone number you can cum faci bani în nl reached.

It is also important to know whether there is incapacity for work as a result of an accident in which a third party is liable. The employee is obliged to stay at home every day between 10 am and 2 pm, until the absenteeism counselor or the occupational doctor of NL Jobs has contacted you, visited you at home or you received an invitation to go to the consultation hour.

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NL Jobs also expects you to contact the doctor within a reasonable period of time and not end the cum faci bani în nl procedures but agree and follow up on advice. Are you ill abroad? Then inform us within 2 days. You will then hear from us what you have to do. If the company doctor of NL Jobs requests the medical statements from your doctor, you must provide this to the company doctor.

For more information about the illness procedure see the document 'Procedure of reporting illness and doctor visits'  at the downloadpage What happens when I am sick?

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When you are ill, you must report your absence by telephone to the emergency telephone due to illness. Keep your temporary worker number at hand. The person you are talking to at the emergency telephone will also ask you a number of questions such as: When do you expect to be back at work?

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Your sick report will be passed on to the client and the default administration of NL Jobs. You stay home between andyou can be called or get a home visit. Cum faci bani în nl make sure you are always available! You will also see whether you can carry out adapted work tailored to your temporary limitations.

It may be that you are invited to the company doctor at the consultation hour in a short period of time.

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The company doctor will assess to what extent you can carry out your own work or other work. His advice is leading, this means that we will always follow the advice.

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You may not agree with the advice of the company doctor. You then have the opportunity to request an expert opinion from the UWV. During the application of the expert opinion, you and we will not be discharged of our cum faci bani în nl to follow the advice of the company doctor.

So we have to carry out the advice until the result of the expert judgment is received. According to the Poortwachter Act, during your absence, because of illness or lack, all kinds of activities will be scheduled to guide you as well as possible in your recovery and reintegration.

Does NL Jobs also offer Health insurances? This amount will be deducted automatically from your salary. A dutch health insurance is required for everyone who works in the Netherlands.

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It is not possible to temporarily stop your health insurance during holidays whenever you have a contract. Pension Pension What about my pension accrual?

Via the pension fund of the ABU, StIPP, you accrue pension from the cum faci bani în nl you have worked for us for more than 26 weeks and are 21 cum faci bani în nl or older. In phase A, only NL Jobs will pay for this, from phase B on you will also pay for it yourself, but you also accrue more pension.

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