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Hello, welcome to the third opțiuni binare lottemarket of Lou Andre TV. Guess that means I'm a resident, AJ now alright. Jam packed show and so you guys so sit tight in a couple of minutes and you got your drinks ready.

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I hope you do. I nearly got left out of the out of the state and I all the way with the. It's Friday guys. We're back for another episode of Laing for your TV couple of minutes.

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I hope you got your dancing shoes on and an outfit as if you're going out, it was staying in cuz that's what we're doing. And what I did.

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Opțiuni binare lottemarket, you ready. How are you are? We gonna do this? It's just a couple of minutes. I'm going to welcome one of our hearts. The one and only basically a National treasure. Let's give it up for the one and only Sharon Manhattan.

Hi, I'm the snow, which we got caught in her own carpet Lexie the four on the. Babe glasses you're gonna need this. Testing and I'm a drag queen. Aaron Man Haddon Babe one point 51 point five. We're loud.

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Yeah Andre TV. I'm here. I'm just excited to get out of the House tonight on this way. My legs is out. Thanks Michael Glasses is dying. I'm stuck in a hole and ruined a few contact lenses as you do as.

What else is there to do opțiuni binare lottemarket opțiuni binare lottemarket joining us guys and make sure you chat to us and ask us some questions tonight because I mean I've been like by myself for a month and I really wanna chat to you guys. So if you wanna donate, we're here to show some respect. I'm always showing with.

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I suspect myself and I possibly disrespected Tina Turner with this wig. It's all wrong. Give me a Bob. I just stop the motorbike. It's cute.

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I know you're kitties out there. Probably yes, Americans you better be watching right now.

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When you mad tune in. That's right so stay home put the home in homosexual just because you're not leaving the House doesn't make you less of a be.

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Opțiuni binare lottemarket doesn't and haven't said to yourself That is a sexuality isn't that's true. I thought she is my new best friend that's fine and you know if you've got low up.

You could be out of your own Lake and not even know it so just enjoy it. Thank you so much opțiuni binare lottemarket joining us today. Tell me about your performance that you've made for us that our viewers are gonna see in a minute so the song is called the pool.

It's about being someone so badly that you don't think it's ever gonna get better, which sounds really sad. I'm of every crash in my life and it's like worse when I was like a teenage job, so I had crushes were like so intense like like stalking.

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People on opțiuni binare lottemarket I guess as I've got older, I've learned how to like curb the intensity. I feel like I've never. I never cured the intensity and I think that's why I'm working on that must be tired. You need to you need to relax as you're gonna anything else like you know, walk for my EP, which I'm really really excited about. I'm like that in the store now definitely this year and yeah. Okay and.

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Have a question for you and your images for those of you at home that haven't seen your work before you always use like some kind of like animal. I think it's mostly being native Australian animals like what's with that. Animal series atr strategie indexator pentru opțiuni binare something that me and my photographer Julia you've probably seen her work around you all the time and Uss she's brilliant a texture of each animal that we've chosen to use for the photos is like somehow related to the content of the song and the sound and the production and the arrangement of the song.

Opțiuni binare lottemarket here we go our performance of A Gilligan's cool.

I say it right, it's the pool, but it's okay. Opțiuni binare lottemarket is hopefully I see you in the future. See you hey everyone. I'm really excited to play for you and I hope you're keeping safe and washing your hands and enjoying all that stuff.

I'm gonna play something for you called the pool and it's mostly about yearning. So I feel like it's highly relatable at the moment and Opțiuni binare lottemarket really hope you enjoy it. The way Go.

I'm made to my, I didn't think I could.

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I'm Right now this. My feeling different. I'm Oh, yeah. Help me to help myself? I can't get enough. I can't be happy without you. My feeling it. I Love you when it's more than I am.